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Take the guesswork out of marketing and get paying customers.


What You'll Learn In This FREE Masterclass:

  • The biggest mistakes SaaS companies make when it comes to marketing that keeps you stuck.
  • My proven 4-step method to getting paying customers without needing paid ads.
  • A breakdown of how I've helped companies clarify their message so their prospects "get it" using customer research & Jobs-To-Be-Done theory.
  • An overview of how to create a content strategy backed by research that gets a consistent flow of organic traffic
Client Testimonial Headshot - Michael Clark

"This not only helped us increase our leads because our messaging resonated, it also made the sales process easier and more successful because our leads were good fits and had a higher confidence that our solution could meet their needs."

- Michael Clark, COO of Marketcircle Inc.

Customer Testimonial Headshot - Diego Alvarado

"The biggest benefit we got was knowing the direction to take our marketing and what to really focus on. Before we were constantly being pulled and pushed in different areas and it wasn't working."

- Diego Alvarado, Founder of Team Coaches

Godfrey Pereira Headshot - Client Testimonial Photo

"Before I met Kristie, I thought I was putting some amount of content together but there was no direction, focus or strategy.  I would often blame my lack of success on not having enough time or doing too many other things. Overall, I would say that my focus in 3 weeks has been much better than where I was in the last 6-8 months."

- Godfrey Pereira, Founder of

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